Advantages of Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-Coloured FillingsIf you had a choice of a tooth filling that looked like metal, or had the same appearance of your natural teeth, which would you choose? At All Needs Dental you can have those silver metal fillings replaced with tooth coloured fillings. Here’s some more information on the different options available to you.

What Are Tooth-Coloured Fillings?

A tooth-coloured filling is known as a composite tooth filling. That is because it is made of a mixture of plastic resins and silica fillers. Not only will a composite filling strengthen the structure of the original tooth, it will mimic qualities such as translucency and wear-resistance.

How Are They Used?

A filling is often used to fill a hole caused by tooth decay or a chipped tooth. In order for the white tooth filling to be applied, the tooth has to be prepared for the procedure. This requires the removal of any decay around the tooth. The good news is that this can often be completed in just one appointment.

In order for the decay to be removed, your dentist will often numb the local area with anaesthesia, before using a drill to essentially dig out a pocket inside the tooth which will be replaced by the filling. The composite material is then inserted inside the tooth. After is has securely bonded, the procedure is complete.

Amalgam Filling Versus White Dental Filling

The bonding process differs greatly between the two different types of fillings. With a traditional amalgam metal filling the tooth usually requires shaping in order to hold the filling. This often means that some of the healthy tooth has to be removed to provide this hold.

As for a composite resin blend filling, the undercuts used to assist with bonding a metal filling are not required. That is because the white dental filling will physically bond directly to the inside of the prepared tooth.

Other Advantages of White Dental Fillings

They Look Natural

The one thing you notice most about fillings that are made of gold or the silver metal amalgam is their colour. If you have one or more in your mouth, they are often easy to see when you speak, laugh or yawn. A composite filling is hard to spot as it will look like your natural teeth, which means no one needs to know that you have a tooth filling.

They Last A Long Time

Provided you maintain good oral habits by brushing and flossing daily, your composite resin filling should last for ten or more years, even on molars. Combined with regular check-ups at All Needs Dental, you should have a great looking smile for a very long time.

They Are Safer

The temperature inside your mouth changes. When this happens, it causes the amalgam fillings to expand and contract. This can cause a tooth to crack or break from the added pressure from within. A tooth-coloured filling does not expand or contract to the same extent.

They Contain No Mercury

Although the amount of mercury that is contained in silver amalgam fillings is minor, it is still a toxic material. The level may not be considered dangerous but if you would prefer a mercury-free alternative, composite resin tooth fillings are the perfect fit.

They Build Your Confidence

Probably the greatest advantage between silver and white tooth fillings is how they improve your smile and confidence. They will provide you with the appearance of having a cavity-free mouth giving you a smile that looks all-natural without any metal visible. You can open your mouth as wide as you wish, there is nothing you need to hide or be self-conscious about.

All Needs Dental Can Provide You With All-Natural Looking Fillings

Think it’s time to remove and replace those outdated metal-looking fillings? At All Needs Dental we can improve the strength of your teeth and the look of your smile with tooth-coloured composite white fillings.

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