Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

impacted wisdom teeth surgeryYou may have wondered whether or not you should have your wisdom teeth removed. Although they may not be causing you any pain at present, does this really mean that you don’t need them extracted?

Modern dental practices have made the removal of wisdom teeth a fairly routine procedure however, it is not always necessary to have them removed.

Here we discuss some important points to consider before you get your wisdom teeth taken out.

Do You Need To Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Dental x-rays may show that a problem either already exists or may at some point in the future. The additional set of molars known as wisdom teeth may be pushing the rest of your teeth out of alignment. This can result in bite problems as well as pain in your mouth.

Wisdom teeth may result in jaw damage if cysts grow around them and are not treated. Left unchecked, these cysts can hollow out your jaw and even damage nerves in and around the soft tissue. Not only that, wisdom teeth can create sinus issues ranging from pain to pressure and congestion of the sinuses.

Swollen gums that can develop may leave pockets between teeth. Bacteria growth in those pockets can lead to cavities and impacted wisdom teeth can crowd other teeth to the point where measures will be required to bring them back into proper alignment.

Your family-friendly dental team at All Needs Dental will be able to determine if any of these factors exist with your situation and will discuss your treatment options with you.

Do You Need To Go To Sleep When Having Wisdom Teeth Out?

Generally, all that will be required is a local anaesthetic that will be injected to numb the tooth and the gum around it. If you are having a larger procedure, such as having wisdom teeth surgery to remove all four teeth, you may be put to sleep before the procedure begins. If this is the best option for your situation, then your dentist will discuss this and any questions you have beforehand. A mild sedative may be administered if you are particularly anxious or nervous.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Get Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

If you choose to delay getting wisdom teeth removed, you may end up developing other dental conditions. These can include the following:

  • Overcrowding results when your mouth and jaw does not have enough room for the extra set of molars. This may cause teeth to shift, overlap and move out of alignment.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth are those that are trapped below your gum line. This can lead to pain, difficulty eating and the potential of an abscess infection. Impacted teeth can also damage healthy teeth.
  • Even if your wisdom teeth grow without pain or noticeable problems, they may make caring for your teeth a little harder. Bacteria growth can occur which becomes a threat to the health of all your teeth.

Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

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