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Emergency Dentist in Burwood

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An accident that leads to injury to your jaw, mouth, gums or teeth is considered a dental emergency. When this happens, it is of the utmost importance to see your dental professional as soon as possible for emergency dental care.

Our Aim

The team of dental professionals at All Needs Dental, led by Dr Achilles Constantinidis, aims to provide you with the best possible dental care. This includes providing emergency dental services when required.

The Types of Dental Emergencies

Certain activities, such as contact sports, may mean that your risk is slightly higher of experiencing an injury that can require emergency dental services. Car accidents, falls and other forms of injuries can result in trauma to the mouth that may also require the services of an emergency dentist.

A broken tooth, a number of teeth being knocked out of your jaw, a broken jaw, loss of dental fillings, crowns or bridges are all considered dental emergencies. Dental pain from swollen gums, a lost filling, impacted tooth or abscess usually require emergency treatment too.

How We Treat Dental Emergencies

Our family-friendly team of dental professionals at All Needs Dental understands that the pain threshold differs from one person to another and that some emergencies are easily treated with pain management. Others may require restorative treatment, depending on the extent of the injury.

Our front office team keeps appointment slots open each day to accommodate such dental emergencies. All you have to do is contact us as soon as possible for same day treatment. We will make every effort to fit you in as soon as possible.

Why You Should Contact All Needs Dental

Acting quickly in times of dental emergency ensures that your pain can be treated as soon as possible and that further damage to your teeth, jaw and mouth can be prevented. This reduces the possibility of complications developing and becoming more costly to treat.

All Needs Dental - Your Inner West Local Emergency Dentist

Serving Burwood and the surrounding areas, our team of dentists provides a full range of family-friendly dental care including tending to dental emergencies. To book your emergency dental appointment, call us on (02) 9744 2799.

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