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General Dentistry

The term often used to describe dental treatments that focus on the health and maintenance of your teeth, gums, mouth and jaw is general dentistry. Your local family dentists in Burwood, All Needs Dental, provide general dentistry services to you and your family.

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Our Promise

At All Needs Dental, our family-friendly approach led by Dr Achilles Constantinidis and his team of dental professionals, work to provide preventive dentistry for all members of your family. For any oral health concern, we have customised care plans and services.

Our general dentistry services include:

Gum Disease

Inflammation of the gums is an early sign of Gingivitis. Gum disease has different stages and fortunately, if caught early, treatments can prevent further development or complications.

Tooth Extraction

There are going to be situations where extraction will be the most logical solution. Accidents, poor dental health or other circumstances may require tooth extraction in order to save other teeth and to aid in improving your overall oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The last teeth to break through the gum tissue in your mouth are your wisdom teeth. Because they are last, there may not be enough room in your mouth for them to fall into proper alignment with the rest of your teeth.

This may result in the need for wisdom tooth extraction. At All Needs Dental, we can discuss your situation and cover possible treatments which may include extraction.

Root Canal Therapy

The enamel coating on the outer surface of a tooth protects it. When enamel and underlying dentine is damaged it can expose the pulp tissue that is the inner most part of the tooth. In this chamber are nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels.

When the tooth enamel and dentine is damaged enough to expose the pulp, a root canal therapy (endodontic treatment) may be required to remedy this situation. The procedure basically replaces the pulp with a dental filling. This can save the tooth from requiring extraction.

Diseases of the Jaw

During a dental check-up, we do not only check your teeth, but we also check for problems with your jaw. Your jawbone holds your teeth in place, so any problem with your jaw can affect your teeth.

A thorough examination of your jawbone is one of the many things we examine at All Needs Dental during a routine check-up.

Sedation with Nitrous Oxide

The team at All Needs Dental provides preventive dental care procedures with your comfort and safety in mind. If you experience any kind of dental anxiety, Dr Achilles Constantinidis and the rest of the general dentist professionals on site can address your concerns.

One of the most effective methods used to calm and relax patients who have any kind of phobia is with the use of sedation. For children and some adults, we offer happy gas or laughing gas as a relaxation tool. Be sure to tell us about any of your dental anxieties early so we can put a plan in place to keep you comfortable.

Your General Dentist In Burwood

We are a passionate team of dental professionals at All Needs Dental. We want to ensure that your smile is beautiful and stays that way. For any of your general dentistry needs, contact our family-friendly team located in the Inner West of Sydney... click here to book your appointment, or call (02) 9744 2799.

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