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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to break through the gum tissue. As a result, there may be complications due to lack of space in your mouth for them to form properly. Crooked, sideways and partially erupted wisdom teeth may require extraction.

wisdom teeth dental care

Our Goal

The team of dental professionals at All Needs Dental, led by Dr Achilles Constantinidis, strives to provide you with the best possible dental care for your specific situation. This includes wisdom tooth extractions, when needed.

All Needs Dental can determine the condition of your wisdom teeth through a complete examination. If there are signs that there could be problems in the future, the All Needs Dental team will recommend the procedure that would best suit your situation.

The Problems That Can Occur

If wisdom teeth do not erupt correctly they can contribute to gum infection, tooth decay, crowding, ulcers, pain, cysts as well as the erosion of nearby teeth. The best time to have these teeth extracted varies for individuals but usually around the age of 18 and before problems can develop.

The Risks of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There are several risks associated with this type of dental treatment. For more serious cases that may require intravenous sedation or general anesthesia as part of a dental surgery treatment, a referral will be made to an oral surgeon. Here are some of the risks considered:

  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Gum swelling
  • Sinus draining
  • Numbing of the lips

Following Extraction

Recovery time averages between five and seven days after the extraction of wisdom teeth. Although depending on the complexity of the removal of your wisdom teeth and the surgery involved it can sometimes take up to four weeks, however during this time, your teeth and recovery will be closely monitored to ensure proper healing occurs.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

As each extraction has variable conditions, prices vary for the removal of wisdom teeth. The family-friendly team at All Needs Dental, will be able to give you an estimate following an oral examination.

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