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About Our Dental Practice,
All Needs Dental

Our team is led by Dr Achilles Constantinidis and Dr Wendy Lisle, who have been providing family-friendly dental care since 1984. We welcome you to our dental centre located on Burwood Rd, Burwood where we are always accepting new patients and can even assist with emergency dental appointments.

  • Your Friendly Local Dentist

    All Needs Dental can help you with many of your dental needs on site. As part of your dental treatment, if a specialist is required to assist with your treatment, we have a large group of experienced specialists in the Inner West and throughout Sydney that we can refer you to.

  • How We Do It

    Your dental health and comfort is our priority. Should local anesthesia or happy gas be required to minimise discomfort or ease the nerves then this can easily be administered. Should oral surgery or more complex cases require general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, we will refer you to a local specialist of your choice who does offer these services.

  • Making an Appointment is Simple

    The front office team at All Needs Dental are very experienced at what they do, and will seek to accommodate your booking requests. Whether it's your first dental appointment or a follow-up, simply call our office, drop into the dental practice in Burwood, or fill in our contact form here on the website and one of our team will call you back to confirm your request.

  • Sterilization / Infection Control

    Your health is our top priority. Each and every instrument used in patient care is either single use and disposed of after use or autoclaved. Click here for more information on our infection control procedures.

  • Why Choose All Needs Dental?

    All Needs Dental is flexible for your oral health needs. We are located on the ground floor with easy access for persons with disabilities. Our team promotes proper dental care that starts with healthy teeth, gums, and mouth and we always consult with our patients to customise their treatments to achieve these goals. We also produce dentures and offer on-site denture repair service. Dental emergencies are always fitted into our schedule with same day appointments.

Do you have questions about how we can help with your dental care?

We can help. Contact us today!