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Gum Disease

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There are a number of conditions generally referred to as gum disease. They include periodontal disease (pyorrhea) and gingivitis. While these are distinctly different from each other, they are both threats to your oral health.

Our Goal

At All Needs Dental, our family-friendly team of dental professionals, led by Dr Achilles Constantinidis, provides Sydney’s Inner West with preventive dental care. This includes the treatment of gum disease.

Treatment Options

The common cause of gum disease is poor dental health. When bacterial growth around the teeth and gums goes unchecked, it can easily develop into one of many types of gum disease. Inflammation and bleeding from the gums are two of the most common symptoms.

Preventative measures can include avoiding certain foods and activities that can impact the condition of your oral health. Treatment of gum disease may require medication use, antibiotics, antibacterial mouthwash and in more serious cases, surgery.

You can also be proactive in the fight against gum disease with your own oral health habits. By brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis, you remove the bacteria that can develop into gum disease. Combined with regular check-ups with your dentist, you will be able to protect your smile for a very long time.

Gum Disease – The Risks

Sometimes our lifestyles can contribute to problems associated with oral health. Gum disease is one of those issues. The risk factors that can assist gum disease to develop include:

  • Broken fillings
  • Crooked teeth
  • Diabetes
  • Genetics
  • Medications (such as antiepileptic medications, hormone replacemet therapy, oral contraceptives and long term steroid use)
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • Weak immune system

Gum Disease – The Signs

There are many symptoms that can tip you off to the early signs of gum disease. They include:

  • Bad breath that never goes away
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Painful chewing
  • Pus development between teeth
  • Red, swollen and tender gums
  • Receding gums
  • Teeth sensitivity

Fight Gum Disease With All Needs Dental

As your family-friendly dentist in Burwood, the All Needs Dental team provides you with care to prevent tooth loss from gum disease. Book your appointment with our dental hygienist today by calling us.

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