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Infection Control

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Infection Control In Our Practice

Infection control at All Needs Dental is a very important part of our day to day care of patients.

It is important to have good infection control procedures in place to reduce the number of infectious agents (germs) in our practice and to prevent the transmission of germs from person to person and from surface to person.

  • Areas Of Infection Control

    The different areas of infection control include:

    1. Good hand hygiene
    2. Efficient handling of instruments
    3. Disposal of single-use instruments and sharps into the appropriate containers
    4. Reprocessing (sterilisation) of reusable instruments and items, and
    5. Preparation and cleaning of patient treatment areas.
  • Infection Control Procedures

    We have developed infection control procedures that are tailored to our practice and the procedures we carry out on a regular basis. We have developed these in accordance to resources such as the Australian Dental Association’s ADA Guidelines for Infection Control, The Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines for Infection Control, NHMRC Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare and AS/NZS 4815 and AS/NZS 4817 which are from The Australian and New Zealand Standards.

  • Staff Responsibilities

    All staff, clinical operators (dentist or therapist), sterilising bay staff and chairside assistants are responsible for implementing good infection control procedures in our practice.

    In addition to this, our staff regularly attend training sessions on infection control run by the Australian Dental Association and other continuing education course providers to keep up to date with current trends and changes in evidence based practice.

If you have any questions about infection control at All Needs Dental, please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff members next time you visit us.

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