Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

Bad Habits That Can Harm Your TeethAs tough as your teeth may appear to be, they are far from bulletproof. In fact, there are many everyday activities that can harm your teeth. Regardless of how dedicated you are to follow proper dental hygiene habits, any of the following bad habits for teeth should be avoided.

Some Habits To Avoid

1. Smoking

You already know that smoking is not good for your overall health as it can cause lung cancer. It can also give you bad breath. Smoking is considered one of the worst dental habits because it will discolour your teeth over time. Smoking will eventually leave a yellow stain on teeth and can cause other dental complications.

2. Binge Eating

The main problem with binge eating is the types of foods consumed. Typically, they are not really considered healthy foods. In addition to putting on extra weight, these foods can also have an effect on your oral health. Junk food is not good for your teeth.

3. Drinking Wine/Cola

Drinking these beverages in moderation is fine. Where they become a problem is when they are regular drinks consumed on a daily basis. The main culprit is the acids contained in both wine and cola – dark colas in particular. The acids will eat at your tooth enamel.

4. Drinking Coffee

There is something to be said about the jolt one gets from a morning cup of coffee. The caffeine is where you get it from however, the regular consumption of coffee will stain your teeth in much the same way that smoking will. A dull yellow colour will result, and the acid can also damage your teeth.

5. Eating Hard/Soft Candy

Not only can hard candy result in cracking a tooth, the sugars contained in both hard and chewy candy will cause even more damage. They will eat away at the tooth enamel in a similar fashion that drinking wine or cola will. Again, moderation is the key to prevent this from happening.

6. Opening Things With Your Teeth

Your teeth are not tools. They are meant for eating and not for opening things like bottles, cutting string or thin plastic line or for ripping opening foil bags. Using your teeth in this manner will not only wear them down, it can chip or crack them as well.

7. Clenching Or Grinding

If you happen to lead a stressful life or find yourself under a great deal of pressure at times, it is easy to take out some of that stress by clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth. You may even chew on your lips or cheeks. Grinding can wear down your teeth at a faster rate than normal.

8. Bad Oral Habits

By not taking good care of your teeth between dental visits, you can harm them. Without regular brushings and flossing you give plaque and tartar surfaces to adhere to. Once they take hold, they can cause all kinds of oral hygiene problems including tooth decay.

9. Staying Away From Your Dentist

Individuals who are scared of the dentist are also causing a great deal of harm to their teeth. Even if you maintain good dental habits at home, avoiding the dentist is not a good idea. They can spot the development of oral disease long before it takes hold and causes damage to your teeth.

10. Eating Ice

If you have an ice eating habit you may want to try to break it as soon as possible. That’s because chewing ice is much the same as chewing rocks. You can easily chip, crack or break a tooth which will require a dental procedure to repair.

11. Using A Hard Toothbrush

In order to keep your teeth clean with daily brushings, all you really need to do a good job is a soft bristle toothbrush. A hard bristle toothbrush will actually form grooves or fine scratches in your teeth over time. A soft brush will do a great job of cleaning your teeth.

12. Using Trendy Toothpaste

In addition to using a soft toothbrush, you can get a good clean by avoiding trendy toothpastes. Those that contain charcoal, a probiotic, or do not contain fluoride may end up harming your teeth rather than keeping them white and healthy.

When In Doubt, Ask Your Dentist

Strong and healthy teeth take some regular maintenance. In addition to brushing and flossing at home, be sure to include regular visits to your dentist. If you are unsure of habits that may result in tooth damage, always consult with your dentist for the best oral hygiene advice.

So make sure that you book in for your regular dental check-up with us at All Needs Dental where we can discuss any bad dental habits that you have.