How Your Smile Makes A Good First Impression

your smile makes a good first impressionBecause your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you, it is important to have healthy and bright teeth. When they are in the best condition possible, your smile makes a good first impression.

However, if you have discoloured, stained, crooked, broken or even missing teeth, it impacts the way you feel about yourself. When you are not confident of the way your smile appears to others, you are less likely to show your teeth, and this can affect the way you feel about yourself.

The family-friendly team of dental professionals at All Needs Dental can help to build your confidence by improving the appearance of your teeth. From teeth whitening to crowns, bridges and other cosmetic dental procedures, you have several options available to improve your smile and improve your life overall.

Why Your Smile Makes A Good First Impression

An independent research and consulting firm – Kelton Research – conducted a perception study. The participants in this study were shown photos of other people smiling. Some of the photos were of people who had perfect teeth while other photos were of people with visible dental issues.

The study revealed that those people with straight and healthy-looking teeth were believed to be more trustworthy as well as more successful than those people photographed with dental issues. It can also mean that if you have a nice smile, you are perceived to be a good, upstanding individual.

The same research firm conducted a different study that simulated a job interview process. Of those who were ‘interviewed’ the individuals who had recently undergone a teeth whitening procedure were seen to be more professional. The ‘interviewees’ with stained of discoloured teeth were perceived as being not as trustworthy.

How Your Teeth Are Connected To Confidence

Data collected from the second study noted above also revealed that a majority of the individuals who had a teeth whitening prior to the ‘interview’ felt they were more confident. When you have greater self-esteem, you are more at ease in situations that may otherwise cause you to withdraw. If you are embarrassed by the way your teeth appear, your lack of confidence will show in subtle ways.

There is an obvious connection between how your teeth look and how you feel about the way they look. Stained, discoloured and damaged teeth affect your smile and we understand how this can impact your life. Low self-esteem can hamper your ability to function well with others and could result in problems at home or work.

Let All Needs Dental Improve Your Confidence

There are many ways in which the family-friendly team at All Needs Dental can fix your smile. Minor cosmetic problems can be remedied in usually one office visit. This includes stain removal and repairs to chipped or cracked teeth.

Naturally, those situations that require more attention will need more time in the dental chair. To be sure, contact us today for information.

How To Get Your Smile To Make A Good First Impression

Not happy with the way your smile looks, and you follow a regular oral hygiene routine at home? Maybe you are in need of a whitening procedure or something more to put the dazzle back into your smile.

The family-friendly team at All Needs Dental in Burwood can put a smile on your face. To book your appointment in Sydney’s Inner West area, call (02) 9744 2799.